learn how to make an income without sacrificing your family 

(at a fraction of our regular price) 

DashStrom Run Club BLACK FridAY SPECIAL

Build a thriving, independent business that allows you to spend more time with your kids, while meaningfully impacting the next generation of young people in your community. 

  • ​Empowered You. Experience the deep fulfillment of being a successful business owner who is changing kids’ lives AND has the time to be the parent they want to be. 
  • ​Proven Model. No MLMs or Pyramid schemes. This is a proven model that will set you up with your OWN independent business. 
  • ​Business Start Up. We will guide you through each step of how to set up your program (yes, there are different business structure options that you can flex based on what works best for you!), how to name your business, how to approach community partners and some of the best ways to market your new business to the community. 
  • ​Accelerator EmpowerFit Curriculum. You’ll get to choose lesson plans that are most appropriate for you, along with videos that go through every single detail you need to know. This program has worked for moms and kids all over the nation. It works no matter the location, age, or demographic. 
  • 16 ​Ready-to-Implement Activities.  Coming up with running games takes time. We’ll equip you with drills you can use, adaptations to implement for younger kids or indoor classes, along with tools you can employ to help guide yourself through the first few classes step-by-step. (or until it becomes second nature). Customization is all yours when you’re ready. Until then, we have your back. 
  • ​EmpowerFit Workshops. Stand-alone 2 hour workshops you can use for Parent's Night Out and other occasions. It's a fantastic way to get some cash on hand, and promote your classes at the same time.
  • Office Hours. Access to weekly office hours for 8 weeks so you can ask questions along the way if you get stuck.
  • Empowered Kids. Teach kids they are powerful, show them what it looks like to chase big goals, and empower them with the satisfaction that comes with setting goals and pushing their bodies through exercise. 
  • ​Empowered Family. Make your own schedule as you set up your club. Give your kids the opportunity to participate and make a meaningful income while hanging out with your family every day. 
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